Hans Lee Introduction

My name is Hans Lee and I am currently a PDP Elementry student at the University of Victoria (UVic). I graduated from UVic with a degree in Computer Science and Psychology in 2020. Over the last years and during my undergrad I have worked in web development, bioinformatics, technology education, and child care. My career goal is to create a well-structured computer science curriculum for children of all ages. I believe that coding is going to be the foundation of the majority of jobs in the future and students of all ages can benefit from learning technological literacy.

With that being said, this blog is not about ANY of that! In this blog, you can follow me on a journey to discover a new passion for baking. I am a novice baker with next to no experience, however, I am looking to expand my horizons and taste delicious treats along the way.

Are you ready to join me?


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